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History and MPPAC Program Overview

Kappa League is a program for the educational, occupational and social guidance of male students in grades 6th-12th. Kappa League is a subset of Guide Right, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc's National Service Initiative. Initially, the program was entitled the Kappa Instructional Leadership League; designed to help young men grow, receive, and develop their leadership talents in every phase of human endeavor. It provided both challenging and rewarding experiences, which richly enhanced their lives. Originally, membership was open to male students from the tenth through the twelfth grades. The fraternity sought to help these young men to achieve worthy goals for themselves and make constructive contributions to their community when leadership roles become the responsibility.


The Miramar-Pembroke Pines Alumni Chapter (MPPAC), Guide Right program consists of young men within the south Broward County metro area public, charter and home schools. Each fall, MPPAC's Guide Right Leadership Development program host a Kappa League information forum for students interested in joining the Guide Right program. MMPAC's Guide Right program has worked in conjunction with its advisory board to develop an in-house leadership training program to introduce, improve and enhance the leadership skills necessary for its students to have a value added impact in their schools and communities.  Through various workshops, the Kappa Leaguers participate in team building exercises, critical thinking tasks, oratorical assignments, as well as baseline skill reinforcement (i.e. reading and writing).    Regardless of grade level, every young man and their parent(s) partake in the FAFSA (Federal Student Aid) webinar and Naviance through our National Kappa League initiative.  Additionally, the students are expected to participate in the various community service initiatives of the chapter, to nurture the spirit of service to the community.  Strategically, this program requirement serves a dual purpose of enabling the students to achieve the community service hours necessary for graduation.

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Kappa League Program of the Year (Medium Chapter)

2019 - 2020

2018 - 2019

2017 - 2018

2016 - 2017


MPPAC's Kappa League program has achieved multi-year recognition in the Southern Province of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and endeavors to achieve the same recognition nationally.

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Kappa League Chair

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